10 Other Uses For Moving Blankets

uses for moving pads

When you’re deciding whether to buy or rent moving blankets, one of the first questions you’ll likely be asking yourself is what else you can use them for.

After all, you don’t move house that regularly — so what else can your moving pads help you with once you’ve bought them?

There are actually lots of different uses for these handy household products, so there’s no need to worry that you’ll be wasting money by buying them.

We’ve used ours for everything from pet blankets to creating an amateur home recording studio!

Let’s find out more…

Other Uses For Moving Blankets

1. Soundproofing a Room

One of the most ingenious uses for moving pads is to provide sound insulation in a room.

This is a cheap and surprisingly effective way to create your own at-home recording studio. No wonder so many musicians and vocalists are investing in moving blankets!

These heavy pads — when hung from the walls — work to absorb sound waves, reducing echoes and other audio distortion.

While it may not be quite the same as recording in a professional studio, soundproofing with moving blankets will at least improve the acoustics of the room and allow you to record quality vocals and music at home.

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2. Storage Protection

At some point in your life, it’s likely that you’ll have to put your furniture and belongings into storage.

Just like when you move house, this will make your furniture vulnerable to damage — scratches and dust, especially.

This is where moving pads (also called furniture pads in this instance) come in handy. They’ll protect your goods while they’re being transported and installed into the storage facility, while also ensuring that they’re stored free from dust and moisture.

uses for moving blankets

3. Redecorating Protection

Another time that your furniture could do with the protection offered by moving blankets is during home redecoration.

As this is often something people do when they first move to a new home, it might be the first time you’ll get to use the moving pads since the actual move.

If you’re painting or remodeling, simply throw a blanket or two over your belongings to keep them safe.

Especially if you own anything white!

4. Floor Protection

One of the best places to use your moving pads after moving is on the floor in a garage or storage room.

These cheap mats are a good canvas for messy and dirty areas — and they’re washable too, so don’t worry about them getting too filthy!

5. Car Protection

Another great alternative use is to lie the moving blankets along the back seat of your car to protect the upholstery, or even in the trunk.

This way, if you’re transporting something that could spill or stain, you don’t need to worry about taking your car in for a valet service. That goes double if you have to transport something dirty or dusty.

And, of course, it’s a great protective barrier for your seats when you’re taking the dogs out for a ride. We love our pets, but we don’t love it when their hair gets wound into the upholstery!

other uses for moving blankets

6. Pet Blanket

And on the subject of pets, you can also use moving blankets as a snuggly type of bedding for them as well.

The thick quilt is often cushioned enough to serve as a comfortable bed — and, again, it’ll trap Fido’s hairs before they get into your carpet fibers.

Plus, the fact that moving pads are washable means that there’s no need to worry about any nighttime little accidents!

7. Moving Furniture (Not That Type of Moving!)

If you’ve got beautiful hardwood floors, the last thing you want to do is scratch it up by pushing your sofa across it.

Instead, lay down those moving blankets and use them as a lily pad to easily slide your furniture across the floor with.

Yes, we’re thinking about Froggo.

Not only will it keep your floors free of scratches, but it’ll make the moving process itself much easier too!

8. Use Them At The Beach

Yes, that’s right: you can actually use your moving blanket as an actual blanket.

As they’re so easy to fold and transport, they make for a great canvas when it’s time for a picnic or a lie-down in nature.

Whether you’re at the beach or in the park, you’ll be glad you brought them along!

how to use moving blankets

9. To Absorb Spillage

One of the most common uses of moving pads other than for actually moving is to place them in your trunk, under your grocery bags.

That way, if you have to do an emergency stop and — god forbid! — the wine bottle gets cracked, all you’ll need to do is wash the blanket rather than get the whole trunk serviced.

Thank goodness they’re so absorbent!

As well as in the trunk, you could use a thin moving blanket in place of a tablecloth on a buffet table, or any other situation where people are likely to spill food and drinks onto your furniture.

10. To Keep You Warm

Now, we really hope that you’re not ever in a situation where your only option is to have a moving blanket keep you warm, but you never really know.

These blankets are so thick, quilted and insulating that they’ll be an absolute godsend if you ever find yourself without electricity in the winter, or stranded while out on the road one night.

Just make sure that you keep them clean!

What are your favorite alternative uses for moving blankets?