Moving Blankets Buyer’s Guide

Moving Blankets Buyer's Guide

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Moving house is stressful but you can save yourself a great deal of time and hassle when you buy moving blankets.

These thick fabric sheets protect your furniture and valuables like nothing else during the moving process, and ensure that nothing gets broken or scratched during transit.

We’ve compiled this ultimate buying guide to moving blankets so you’ll be totally clued up on what you need (and why you need it!) before you buy.

What Are Moving Blankets?

If you’ve ever seen professional movers loading up furniture onto their huge trucks, you’ll likely have spotted them using large fabric blankets to cover these items when you’re in the truck.

These are moving blankets, and are specifically designed to keep your stuff from getting damaged during the moving process.

Some professional movers will provide their own blankets for their use but many will request that you buy or rent your own for this purpose.

Of course, if you’re moving stuff yourself with a hired van, you’ll also have to provide them — if not, expect a lot of scuffed up and scratched furniture by the time you reach your destination!

Moving Blanket Facts

  • Sizes:¬†Medium (72″ x 54″) or Large (72″ x 80″)
  • Material:¬†Usually a mix of non-woven fabric and polyester
  • How many in a pack: Usually 12, although you can buy them singly
  • Prices:¬†Vary hugely according to quality, anywhere upwards of around $15 a blanket (but you can get great deals when buying in bulk)

Types of Moving Blankets

You can generally split moving blankets into three different categories according to their quality:

Skins are the lowest quality blankets on offer but also the cheapest. These are a great budget buy or for your less valuable/scratchable items. Skins are unpadded blankets and are just a single sheet of fabric.

Economy blankets are the next tier up and are slightly more reinforced than skins. They usually have binding around the edges and are made from a mix of woven and non-woven fabrics and polyester.

Premium¬†blankets are the best moving blankets you can get, offering your furniture and goods a higher degree of protection, albeit at a higher price. They’re usually very well padded, made of cotton or woven fabrics, and reinforced with double lock zig zag stitching for ultimate durability.

Here’s a great little video on how to tell the difference between moving blankets:

Moving Blankets vs Furniture Pads

If you’re wondering whether to spend money on moving blankets or furniture pads, stop wondering — they’re exactly the same thing!

Different manufacturers will call them by different names, but they are the same product.

The most important differentiation is how much padding and reinforcement each blanket or pad offers.

What Type of Moving Blanket Should I Buy?

Firstly, if you’re moving house and wondering whether to spend money on moving blankets, we’d definitely recommend that you do so — unless your moving company already provide these free of charge as part of their service.

Without moving blankets, you’re simply asking for your furniture to be damaged or even destroyed. Many professional movers won’t take responsibility for the state of furniture during the moving process, so you need to do as much as possible to ensure their protection.

Moving blankets are the easy solution.

As to whether you should opt for skins or splash out on more premium blankets, that really depends on what you’re using the product for and how often you intend to use it.

If you simply want to cover up your sofa to stop it from getting ripped or covered in dust, you should be able to get away with skins or economy blankets.

But if the items you want to cover are of a higher value or are likely to become scratched if they’re bumping around in a moving truck for hours on end, premium blankets are a worthy investments.

Wooden tables, desks, pianos and the like are all worth spending a little more on to protect. And as premium moving blankets aren’t hugely more expensive than their budget counterparts, it’s an easy purchasing decision to make.

Also, premium moving blankets generally last a lot longer and can withstand more abuse than skins and economy ones. If you move a lot or want to use the blankets regularly, it’s worth forking out a bit more for a higher quality product.

If you only intend on using them once and you don’t have any ‘at risk of scratching’ products, the cheaper moving blankets should definitely suffice.

Moving Blankets Rental

If you only intend on using moving blankets for a one-off situation, you might want to consider renting them instead.

This is obviously much cheaper in the short term so a good idea for people on a budget.

U-Haul offer moving blanket rentals, charged by each individual blanket that you need. You can rent them either from one of their physical locations or reserve them online.

This is a particularly useful deal if you’re already hiring a truck from them!

There are also a few smaller operations offering moving blankets rental. For instance, iCan are currently offering them at $5 per blanket. That’s a great deal for the large sizes at 72″ x 80″.

What Else Can They Be Used For?

If you’re considering buying moving blankets as opposed to simply renting them, you may be wondering what else they can be used for other than on the few occasions that you’ll be moving house.

Thankfully, lots of people have come up with lots of ingenious ways to recycle their moving blankets, both obvious and non-obvious.

Here’s a few of our favorite alternative uses:

  1. To protect your furniture during DIY: if you’re painting, wallpapering or plastering and you can’t move out your furniture from the room, moving blankets double up as a great way to protect your stuff. Simply throw them over the top and get on with it!
  2. To protect your stair banisters: if you’re having a bulky item delivered to the upstairs of your house — perhaps a bed or desk and you don’t want to risk scratching your banisters on the way up, throw over your moving blankets on the way up.
  3. Sound-proofing: premium moving blankets are often very thickly padded and so provide a level of sound-proofing that you wouldn’t expect from a normal blanket. Pop them under door frames if you want to block out any sound.
  4. Car blankets: pet lovers love moving blankets for draping inside the trunk of their car and over the back seats to keep pesky dog hairs off the fabric. Throwing a moving blanket on quickly before putting your pup in the car is much easier than having to vacuum all the hairs off afterwards.

Moving Blankets for Sound-Proofing

If you don’t want to splash the cash on a sound proofed room, moving blankets are a great budget alternative that you can actually hang around the room in question and create a makeshift music studio.

Some manufacturers actually sell moving blankets for sound-proofing specifically. These are generally much thicker than the usual skins and economy blankets, and can instead absorb sounds and even enhance acoustics.

If you want to sound proof, look for moving blankets with grommets for the best chance of success.

Grommets are little eyelets in the top and bottom of the blanket that can help you attach them to your walls. They also help to seal the blanket’s stuffing, thereby even further insulting the sound.

The company¬†sell these Producer’s Choice¬†moving blankets which they describe as “regular acoustic blankets on steroids”. Essentially, this mean they benefit from the following upgraded features:

  • Thin layer of outer fabric to allow sound to be absorbed into the middle
  • 2″ parallel vertical stitching, allowing the blanket to expand and contract with the sound
  • Also available in a large size (80″ x 96″) for floor to ceiling needs
  • Grommets can also be added for a small $1.55 fee

As you might expect with all these mod-cons, these are more expensive than normal moving blankets, with this particular model priced at $34.87 per blanket (including grommets).

But while they’re more expensive than you’d likely pay for simple moving blankets, they do have plenty of sound-proofing uses. You might want them for any of the following, for instance:

  • Creating a vocal booth/recording studio
  • Reducing noise from neighbors and the outdoors
  • Reduce noise from nearby train lines, main roads or flight paths

Check out this video on using moving blankets for sound-proofing:

Where to Buy Moving Blankets

Most people choose to buy their moving blankets in bulk from the store.

Here’s a few of the most common places to find them:

Popular Deals on Amazon

As always, Amazon offer some great deals on moving blankets and certainly offer the most choice across a variety of brands. While they do sell the items individually, you can often find a cracking bulk deal of multiple ones in a pack too.

Here are a selection of the best:

The moving blankets 12 pack are generally the most economical way to buy them.

Moving Blankets Home Depot

Home Depot sell a variety of moving blankets priced from around $10 to $37 each. Sizes include the classic large 72″ x 80″ up to a massive 144″ x 80″.

Moving Blankets Walmart

Walmart too have got an impressive selection of moving blankets. You can see them all here.

They range from $13.19 for a single economy blanket to just over $90 for a pack of 10 medium size economy blankets.

Thick, premium moving blankets are priced at just over $20 for a large 72″ x 80″ size.

Moving Blankets Lowes

Lowe’s also sell moving blankets, although only one type, individually.

Prices and availability vary according to location so enter in your zip code to get the most accurate information for you.

It’s worth noting that these are made of cotton, so are high quality, and are available in a standard large size of 80″ x 72″.

U-Haul Moving Blankets

As well as renting out moving blankets, U-Haul also sell them. At really reasonably prices too!

They sell both skins (furniture pads) and premium blankets (quilted pads) for $7.95 and $14.95 respectively.

The quilted pads are a luxurious 1/8th of an inch thick, but are still pretty lightweight.

Moving Blankets Menards

Menards also sell three types of moving blankets in their online store that range in price and size.

The cheapest is a $5.99 blanket that’s quite small at 72″ x 40″ but of a reasonable quality, made from double stitched polyester and a cotton outer fabric.

They also have a more standard sized blanket for $6.99 each — 72″ x 80″ — and a durable quilted moving blanket from Duck that’s $15.99 and measures 45″ x 72″.

Where to Find Cheap Moving Blankets

If you’re on a budget and can’t find anything suitable on Amazon, there are a few unique ways to score some budget deals on moving blankets.

Your first port of call should be second hand sites like Craigslist and eBay.

Craigslist is particularly useful as obviously you can search according to your nearest city so find moving blankets quickly and easily, without having to wait days for the post to arrive.

eBay is an equally good place to score good deals on second hand and wholesale moving blankets too.

A slightly more adventurous way to do it will be to source your moving blankets from China. While these will definitely be cheap — especially when you buy in bulk — it can be harder to gauge the quality as they aren’t generally sold from recognizable flagship brands.

The most popular way to find suitable Chinese products is to go through wholesale giant Alibaba.

Here are all the moving blankets they have on offer right now.

As you can see, these are really cheap.

As low as $1.40 per blanket!

But, of course, you have to buy a large number of these to score these low prices. The less you buy, the more expensive it will be. Also remember to factor in the price of international shipping!

Alibaba is definitely an awesome way to save money and actually make some cash if you’re happy to sell your products on to other people. But these will only be a viable option for people happy to manage this type of business.

For individual needs, we’d generally recommend trying Craigslist and eBay before the Chinese sites for cheap moving blankets.

So now you know all there is to know about moving blankets!