Should I Buy Or Rent Moving Pads?

buy or rent moving blankets

When it comes to moving house, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is whether to buy or rent moving pads. It’s a stressful time, with lots of things going on and going wrong, so it’s natural for some things to fall by the wayside.

But regardless of how stressful moving home gets, know that you need moving blankets.

These are the only product that will keep your furniture and treasured items from getting scratched in transit. They’re non-negotiable. You’ve gotta get them.

The only question is: should you buy or rent moving blankets?

Here’s what we think…

Should I Buy Or Rent Moving Pads?

Benefits of Buying Moving Pads

The major benefit of buying moving blankets as opposed to simply renting them is the fact that you can use them again and again, and for whatever reason you desire.

So, while you may not be moving house every year, you may be using them for other things, such as the following:

  • Soundproofing rooms
  • Furniture protection during home decoration and refurbishment
  • Protecting furniture and other goods in storage
  • Car seat covers
  • Pet blankets

Essentially, moving pads come in useful at any time where you want to protect and preserve a large object.

renting moving blankets

Let’s face it, many of us will be spending time and money redecorating and refurbishing a house when we first move in. There’s not a lot of point of protecting your furniture in a moving van if you’re just going to leave it open to injury during the refurbishment phase.

If you’re likely to be taking on a redecorating project any time soon, or are planning to put anything in storage, we’d definitely recommend that you buy moving blankets instead of just renting them. Not only is it more convenient, but it’ll end up being more economical in the long run too.

Of course, convenience itself is another major benefit of buying moving pads.

If you own them, you can simply store them in whatever state you please until you need them next. But if you buy them, you’ll be responsible for returning them in the condition you hired them in — not as easy as it sounds when it comes to the mess of moving house!

Here’s a good video guide on the best way to fold moving blankets for minimal storage:

Benefits of Renting Moving Blankets

The major benefit of renting moving pads is cost.

While most moving blankets can be bought relatively cheaply, there’s no denying that it’s cheaper to rent them — at least for one-time use.

That’s why we recommend renting them if you’re only going to use them the one time and don’t see any future use for them.

Another reason why you might not want to buy them is the fact that you’ll have to store them. While this isn’t as much of a problem if you’re likely to get good use out of them, it will definitely prove annoying if you’re not ever planning on using them again.

And that goes double if you’ve got limited storage space in your new house.

Of course, if you can find another use for them — as car seat covers or pet blankets, that might solve that problem pretty quickly!

buy vs rent moving pads
Moving pads always come in handy during redecorating time!

Buying vs Renting Moving Pads: Cost

So, what are the usual costs for buying or renting moving blankets?

This is actually quite a difficult question to answer as there’s no set price for all moving pads.

The general rule of thumb is that higher quality blankets command a higher price tag — for both buying and renting. And, of course, renting will generally always be cheaper than buying the product for yourself.

Most are sold and rented in packs of 12.

A lower quality pack — where the blankets are smaller and thinner in size — might be priced around $50 and up to buy.

A higher quality pack — where the blankets are large and thick — could cost northwards of $100 to buy.

Occasionally, you’ll find them sold in smaller packs and even individually — although it’s generally always better value to buy in bulk.

If we look at the cost to rent furniture pads, you’ll see they’re a lot cheaper. U-Haul has a pack of 6 that start from $5 to rent, which incrementally increases with the quality of the blanket and the number you’re planning on renting.

Do you prefer to buy or rent moving pads?